Mediocre Music Player
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Maybe the first music player that understands that artists sometimes collaborate and sometimes put the same song on multiple albums. Inspired by MusicBrainz' data design it allows storing meta data much more accurately than most music players out there.
This program is still work in progress. Many planned features have yet to be implemented.

Key differences to other players

  • Artists are identified by an ID and It's possible to have different artists with the same name or the same artist appear under different names on songs. Filtering by artists does the right thing.
  • Songs are identified by an ID and it's possible to have the same song appear on multiple albums (in which case we list all albums on the songs entry) and different songs with the same name
  • Multiple artists can be credited for the same song or album. Filtering by artists does the right thing.
  • By default all songs are played in shuffle but songs can be queued for immediate playback with a single click. Queued songs are played in the order they have been queued. A songs position in the queue is indicated by a number next to its title. At the end of the queue it resumes shuffle playback.

Planned features

  • Automatically load meta information and cover art based on AcoustID fingerprint from MusicBrainz
  • Use AcousticBrainz and ListenBrainz information to determine an ideal playback order
  • Allow creation of playlists


List of songs

Song editor matches existing artists by names and allows manual selection or creation

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