Beat The Score
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Beat the Score is a trainings program for amateur musicians. The program helps a user practice by displaying notes and giving instant feedback about the note played and whether they were on time. Additional instruments are played by the computer. By supporting the popular Guitar Pro 5 (GP5) format, the user can find a wide variety of songs available on the internet. To read what notes the user has played, they can connect their instrument via phone connector or USB. Supported are guitars and keyboards.

Since not everybody can read sheet music, three different display methods are supported:

  • Piano roll: Notes are displayed as rectangles with the pitch being encoded in one axis and the time in the other.
  • Score: Common sheet music.
  • Tablature: As it is used by guitarists.

For training purposes we provide a trainings mode where the game pauses for every note and continues when the player plays the right keys. It is also possible to lower (or even increase) the tempo of a song.

User playing with an electric guitar connected to a Windows Laptop using the tablature view.

User playing on a piano connected to an Android tablet over a MIDI interface using the piano roll view.

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